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Atma Buti® translates to Soul Medicine in Sanskrit. Atma meaning “Soul” and Buti meaning “Medicine.” At the Atma Buti® Sound and Vibrational School, we believe our special healing bowls combined with the knowledge shared here are a form of therapy that can be used to nourish our body, mind, and soul. 

Learn To Heal With Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowls
At Atma Buti® Sound and Vibrational School, you will learn Sound Healing Therapy Techniques with Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowls. Our founder, Suren Shrestha is a native of Nepal, where this type of Sound Healing Therapy originated. Our students come from all over the world to learn this ancient healing modality.

“Suren is a natural teacher. He creates an environment that provides a sacred space for the integration of material throughout the learning process. His joy and commitment to teaching this incredible healing art are evident as it immediately brings students into their own passion and confidence to work with the Himalayan Singing Bowls.” 

~ Jane Shallberg, M.Ed., MT-BC

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